Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vendors Move to West Side of Bridge

It was a great ski season with fresh powder right on cue.  I stayed pretty close to home keep the fire going and shoveling snow off the porch. Of course we had to keep something tasty on the burner which means lots of chile beans, carne adovada, cornbread with butter and honey topping, salsa, breakfast burritos,  posole, tacos, fried potatoes, soups and stews with Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix. We had to have the road plowed twice, called the tow truck once, and visited the doctor a couple times and then it was spring break.  The weather has been warmer than usual and I have seen a few of you at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.  For those of you that found us on the west side of the bridge, we probably filled you in on our vending status that went from dismal to hopeful.  If you want to know the details google Taos Gorge Bridge Vendors or look at the Taos News in December.  Otherwise let's talk chile, Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix, that is. That is something that hasn't changed.  On beautiful weekends you will find me at our new site....unless I am on family duty which can take me to Bow, Washington, Waco, Texas, Irvine, California, or even Greece. I probably told you about my family when we talked out at the bridge. Remember you can find Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix at the Visitors' Center, Cid's Market, Taos Cookery, Artisans Gallery and now Ojo Caliente Mineral Hot Springs. It would be terrible to leave New Mexico without good chile, Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix, that is.


  1. Hi,
    When I was at the Gorge a few weeks ago I got a fairly mild chile powder that had chipotle in it. Is this one available on the site? I recall that it was different from the straight-up mild, so I don't think it's here and can't find any email or contact info on this site.