Friday, November 9, 2012


A storm is brewing. After a lengthy tourist season it seems ok to sit by the wood stove and wait it out.  Of course we've been to town for groceries, made sure the Visitor Center, Cid's Grocery, Taos Cookery, Artisans Gallery and Ojo Mineral Springs are stocked with Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix, and stashed the lawn furniture in the shed.  I now have time to reflex upon feedback that I'm getting from my customers.  A sincere thanks to "My Hero" who cleaned the corrosion off my battery post and got me going again, and to the other guy who told me to wrap my bungee cords so they wouldn't scratch my car, to the lady who wants more recipes, the man who wants a larger size,  the customer who wants Hint of Chipotle on the "Menu" and the one who wants it hotter.  I'll be working on all of this, especially for the guy who told me he came all the way from Maryland for Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix and the lady and her daughter who must have bought chile spice mix for everyone in their family.  I may have missed some of you out at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge this summer as I took an extended trip to Washington State to visit my family.  My parents are in their 90's.   I'm so thankful for them.  Its because of them I can do what I do.  They taught me to love life and especially nature...that is why I love my "office " at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, the people I meet and the people that work with me.  Even though the temperatures are dropping the sun will be out soon and you'll find me with my chile basket full of Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix.  If you can't make it for ski season, I'll look for you next summer.  If that doesn't work I'll be here ready to take your order.