Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow.....lots of it

And piling up on the mountain right where it belongs....the skiers are happy and so am I. Here at the cabin we have had snow in nice 3 to 4 inch increments, very manageable. night the "snowplow fairy" has run up my road life has been good. We follow the weather reports then make a dash to town to get supplies so we are ready when a storm hits. We also make sure the Visitor Center, Cid's Market, Taos Cookery and Artisans Gallery are stocked with Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix. We've made some stir fry dishes and added a sprinkle of chile spice mix. We also added a little to a meatloaf we made with elk and sausage. Nothing like a snow storm to bring some creative ideas to the table. Presidents' Weekend the temperatures were warmer so the Gorge Vendors were out in force. Lots of visitors were on hand so it felt like maybe the worst of winter was behind us. You can't say we haven't paid our dues. We weathered several weeks with temperatures way.....below 0. What's next? Spring Break.......I predict: snow on the mountain, sunshine, blue sky, and a little Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix for your tacos, burritos and enchiladas.