Saturday, November 16, 2013

Winter Chile

Skies continue to be as blue as ever but the temperature is dropping and snow is beginning to threaten us from the north. Not to worry though.  We have plenty of roasted and dried chile from our Hatch, NM friends to keep things warm.  Be sure to stock up before the next cold front and be prepared when you have to shelter in place!
Also, as you're getting ready to place your orders for the holidays, you'll notice we've simplified our the process with the PayPal shopping cart on the right.  If you are already a PayPal user, you know the drill - and if you're not, feel free to sign-up.  But note, having a PayPal account isn't required.  For those of you with too many accounts and passwords to keep track of, you can simply check out with your name, address and credit card info.  And just a few days later, you'll have a freshly restocked cupboard full of Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!