Friday, November 28, 2014


Holiday Fun

My family gathered yesterday for our Thanksgiving celebration.  My sister cleaned the house and cooked the turkey and the rest of us brought the side dishes to compliment the turkey.  My boys were in Texas, my daughter in Greece, some of the cousins have military commitments, some of the menfolk were hunting,  and others gathered with other parts of their families.  Still we had 25 or so.  Yep, my Dad made it and yes there was a little chile spice mix in the sweet potatoes.  Coming up......a little chile spice mix in the turkey soup. I hope you have your Rio Grande Spice Mix for your holiday recipes.  

It's cozy in this little cabin by the bay.  We are planning to build a new house here this summer when it dries up.  Lately you don't leave the house without your rain boots.  We had a beautiful summer, so it is too early to complain about a little rain.  I didn't miss a Saturday at the Anacortes Farmers Market this season.  The two times that it did rain people wanted to make chile even more than usual. Believe it or not some of my Rio Grande Gorge Bridge customers showed up and bought my spice mix in Anacortes.  They even brought friends.  Because we are so close to the Canadian border,  I have Canadian customers....Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix Goes International .......again.....

I have added a couple pancake mixes to my "collection".  They have not been added to the website yet.  My Bluecorn Maiden Pancake Mix and my Hearty Buckwheat Pancake Mix are delicious and a healthy pancake choice.  Sorting out the various flours available at a local milling company has been an education for me.  My family has been involved in the research and development of these mixes.  A number of local sports enthusiasts who can make pancakes on the trail have also contributed.  For now I can take phone orders.  I can get two packs in a small shipping box....same price $5 each. I guess I'll find out who's reading the fine print.  I guarantee you'll get that snow shoveled if you eat my pancakes. 505-440-1890 

I'm making my lists....checking them twice....I don't go anywhere without my list these days.  I'm going to a holiday bazaar in La Conner, looking for a Christmas tree, mailing a few packages, keeping the fire going, singing a few Christmas carols and keeping the hikes greater than the calorie intake.  Yep, It will be a Merry Christmas.