Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas to All

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.........Finally a quiet moment after a little holiday rush.  I got a few packages mailed, made a few cookies, ate more than a few, sold some Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix, Blue Corn Maiden and Hearty Buckwheat Pancake Mixes at some local holiday bazaars and from my website.  I hung a little greenery around the door, decorated a tiny Christmas tree, and sang a few Christmas songs in the choir. Now I'm thinking about my sweet potatoes with a little Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix for our family gathering here in Washington state.   I made a few red and green chile burritos last night for supper  and I already had my Christmas tamale.  Oh what fun.....Today I have time to think about old friends and past Christmases and...loved ones who won't be present this Christmas.  I'm thankful for my holiday traditions that  stay somewhat the same over the years.  I do think of my many Christmas holidays in New Mexico which is my connection with my chile mix and many of you. So.....I say.....Merry Christmas to you and I hope Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix continues to make you smile.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Here comes Summer........

Beautiful weather here in Washington and the farmers markets are beginning to gather vendors, locals and tourists all looking for that little something that will "spice" up their lives.  Did you see that coming...just couldn't resist dropping that in right here.  The Anacortes Farmers' Market can do just that.  Between customers I look over the various booths and decide what little touch I can add to our menu besides Rio Grande Chile Spice Mix. After a delightful once a month schedule during Winter Market the pace has picked up to every Saturday, so I have a weekly appointment at the From The Farm Treats Kitchen. I may have to add another afternoon as my Bluecorn Maiden and Hearty Buckwheat pancake mixes are beginning to make a names for themselves as healthy choices for breakfast.  I have decided to add the Little Bow Market to my schedule.  That will keep me busy on Thursday afternoons. I'm working on some pictures.  This first one will show you where you turn to get to the Anacortes Farmers' Market.